Specialty Fabrication

Sulfur Trap


Specialty fabrication has been at the core of our business since we began producing jacketed piping in 1976. Unlike process (unjacketed) piping, jacketed piping presents a maze of potential problems that requires special knowledge and skill to navigate successfully. Most fabricators and contractors are ill equipped to resolve Code conflicts with design criteria, thermal stresses, heating medium routing and stresses, rigorous testing procedures, and complete documentation. Our vast experience with jacketed piping and various metals has enabled us to produce a wide range of specialty products, including:

  • ASME Code stamped pressure vessels
  • Precision manifolds
  • Single-pass stacked heat exchangers
  • Degassing columns
  • Modular equipment skids
  • Sulfur seal legs
  • SxSeal™ 1000 Sulfur Trap
  • SxSeal™ 2000 Sulfur Trap
  • Sulfur look boxes

Complex polymer manifolds are a good example of the type of specialty products we are capable of producing. During operation, polymer manifolds are subject to high pressures and high temperatures. They also go through regular “burn-out” maintenance cycles. These are tough conditions for equipment that should last for 20 years. Furthermore, all dimensions must be maintained within 1/32”! This is a tall order, particularly considering the heavy wall thicknesses often required for these processes can lead to significant weld distortion. Through the use of precisely aligned fixtures and expert craftsmen, we ensure the high quality of workmanship for polymer manifolds. In fact, our reputation for high quality has led to our being an alliance supplier for several worldwide companies.