Mechanical insulation plays a pivotal role in safety, process reliability and energy cost control.

Maritech can provide insulation materials and installation services for the full range of thermal, acoustical, condensation control, personnel protection and marine insulation applications.

We install thermal insulation for:

Piping Systems – Process and product transfer piping, low temperature piping, steam piping, steam condensate piping and hot oil piping.

Duct Systems – for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat recovery, breechings and exhaust systems, chilled water, refrigeration suction and liquid, etc.

Process Equipment – including pumps, tanks, boilers, air separators, humidifiers, engine manifolds and turbo chargers, ovens, moisture separators, condensers, heat exchangers and specialized process equipment.

Acoustical Insulations – typically used to protect personnel in noisy environments to comply with OSHA requirements. Examples would include marine engine and equipment spaces, manufacturing environments, gas pipe line pumping stations, etc. Typical materials include a variety of absorbent fibrous materials, perforated jacketing and mass-loaded mastics and septum type sheathing.

Personnel Protection Insulations – applied to avoid injury to personnel and for OSHA compliance.

Marine Applications include all previously referenced applications with materials specific to the marine environment. Engine exhaust pipe and muffler applications are often accomplished with custom built removable blankets, utilizing many different core insulations, exterior finishes or fastening options.

Maritech has also been involved with many “re-insulation projects” after asbestos abatement or mold abatement is completed.