Maritech Marine & Industrial Services

In most process industries it is imperative that the right amount of heat be distributed to the product at the right time and in the right manner. Maritech Marine & Industrial Services (Maritech) offers innovative new systems that maximize heating performance, conserve energy and reduce capital cost. As a technology-neutral supplier, we evaluate all aspects for each product to deliver the most optimized heating solution available—maximizing savings for both capital and ongoing operational costs. When it comes to quality, flexibility, availability and cost savings, Maritech has your business covered. We pride ourselves on our commitments to safety, quality, efficiency and continuous improvements in all of our heat and steam tracing services and thermal insulation. As an exclusive representative for Controls Southeast Inc. (CSI) in Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle, Maritech can offer steam supply and return pre-insulated tubing, pressure regulators, steam distribution and condensate collection manifolds, steam traps, condensate pumps, block valves, and connections at OEM pricing.